Hi ALl,

I am also on the buyback plan. I decide to sell my containers since Jan 2017.

They told me that they couldn't give me cash just like that because containers need to reach China first before they can sell on the market. The reason being was that it is costly for them to transport the containers empty back to China. So they proceed with the contractor using our containers to load their stuff in the direction of China

One thing is that my containers were scattered all over the world they claim. But for 2 yrs I wonder how come it has not reached China.

Whenever I send them a mail on this, nevertheless they call me back and explain that they will check with the contractor where my containers are. But this song has been going for a year and half.

When i decided to sell , i was advise that it will take 7 months to reach China .

I havent taken any legal action, but the best way is to be there presently and check.. If your money is worth it , get a lawyer who will sue them and follow up with your case

Location: Dubai, Dubai

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