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Pacific Tycoon and DavenPort Laroche are the same companies. Its a scam run from Saigon, Vietnam.

You have to contact the Vietnamese authorities or hire a private investigator to find them in Saigon... People will receive some income the first month of their investment but they will stop sending any money later. When I received a call from Davenport Laroch after making an enquiry about their investment I called them back. The girl who answered the phone told me that I had call Pacific Tycoon.

From that moment I know that it is the same scam.

I found many information on the internet about them. Dont invest you will lose your money...

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I've done some EXTENSIVE research and have not found any evidence that these two Companies are the same. I actually found that Davenport Laroche is legit. This is a bogus review.


Could you please provide more evidence that they are a scam? I searched Davenport Laroche online many times and have not found any reliable evidence for this claim.

Any information is useful information. Thank You in advance!


You called Davenport Laroche and they answered the phone as a different company? Are you sure that you actually called the correct number?

I've been with Davenport Laroche for over 2 years now and have received many payments so I know for a fact that the claim that you will stop receiving money after a month is wildly inaccurate. I suggest you do more research and don't just rely on "information you saw on the internet"


Danenport Laroche Containers and Pacific Tycoon are web-pages created by the same scammers. When I returned a telephone call after an inquiry I had made to Davenport Laroche someone answered the phone as Pacific Tycoon.

Then I understood that they are the same. Its written all over the web that they are based in Saingon with almost empty offices in HK. So I did not proceed and I was right. Why claim to be in Hong Kong or in some other countries (their traders) and not disclose their real location in Vietnam??How to reveal the truth?

When they call you they or their traders ask them where they are. Ask them specific questions about the country they claim to be (not just the weather) Do your homework first. You will find out that they have no clue...and they will rush to close the phone. Once I asked them how Hong Kong was governed and who was in charge of the country?

What is the effective tax rate there?

They had no idea....Davenport Laroche like Pacific Tycoon is the same scam and its sad that Hong Kong police don't raid their empty offices there and close them down. Such a shame for Hong Kong!!!

to Chris Anderson #1525083

Just because they didn't know specific details about the country they are in, doesn't prove anything. Davenport Laroche is 100 percent legitimate.

You would be surprised how many US citizens know absolutely nothing about their country. For example, when asked to identify the year 9/11 happened, 30% of Americans were unable to answer correctly, even as few as five years after the attack. Here's another fun fact for you. 25% of Americans can't identify the country America gained its independence from.

And unlike you, I have a source for this information. You can look for yourself by clicking on the link below.

Davenport Laroche is not a scam because I've been investing with them for a long time and have made a substantial amount of money. Please, please, please do research before you post something undeniably false.

to Luis #1534742

Great point Luis! I haven't been with them for as long as you, but I've been with them long enough that I can say I have only made money, and never got scammed once. If you do your research, you will figure out on your own that Davenport Laroche is legitimate.

to Chris Anderson #1549195

@Chris Anderson We have no record of anyone with your name ever calling our offices.

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