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Pacific Tycoon done a sell back deal with me for 5 no containers. I got paid for 4 no and after months have had no response about the 5th. Now my home is at risk and they dont even acknowledge my email. Dismayed Sean

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For one year I received all my payments. Then suddenly in May they stopped to pay the monthly income. After three months they paid me. But then my return on the containers dropped to zero. Ted Mallori from Pacific Tycoon then phoned me and convinced me to sell my containers to Pacific tycoon and use the money to then buy other containers for a cheaper amount in South America. Pacific Tycoon would then use their clients to ship the containers to... Read more

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Customer for 3 years. They paid well for 2 years, then I stopped buying and the returns dropped that month. The director even said to me he didn't want to ruin a good thing - meaning scamming me, he threatened to ruin me financially if I didn't keep buying. He also directly promised over 30% returns in an email and did not deliver them in order to get me to buy another clients containers (for their buyback). They paid one buyback, it said in the... Read more

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I am a customer for 2.5 years. Returns drop after the first year, then every excuse under the sun for not paying you including the bank wont send you money because of the "Panama Paper" scandal. What a lot of *** - they use your money to pay the new investors. When you want your initial investment back, they delay and delay and won't pay. They promise to call you back or email you back - never happens. This company is registered as a scam with... Read more

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I was encouraged to invest in shipping containers with PACIFIC TYCOON by talking with Helene Thomas at OYO shipping containers in Australia. She told me that she and her partner had checked out this company whose office is in Hong Kong. She showed me figures that were represented on a graph to indicate how her personal investment had performed over two years. Now the website does not exist. Although I had spoken with her her a number of times in... Read more

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I bought a container about 18 months ago. At first returns are great to suck you in. Then they start pressuring you to buy more containers. When you decline, your returns first drop and then stop altogether. You then get the story about the usage contract having run out and having to either wait for them to secure a new rental (which could take months) or relocate the container at your cost or buy another one somewhere else. When you decline... Read more

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NOTHING HAS BEEN RESOLVED! its been 8 month without a single income statement or return. investing in this company was a big mistake. I'm usually smart about my investments but i slipped on this one. They continuously give me the runaround. I noticed a few posting on this website claiming everything is back on track. I ASSURE YOU ITS PACIFIC TYCOON WRITING THOSE COMMENTS. We're 21 people locally who invested with this company. Investment range... Read more

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Problems seem resolved now. I am being paid regularly.

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I purchased 5cintainers last year, then 5 more in the course of 5months-I have been recurring payments regularly. So I purchased 5 more!! I have similar experiences for few months but payment have started again, my contract has been changed to Davenport. Most of the comments are but old, please can somebody post latest experiences and comments. To be honest-whenever I tried to contact them whether it's through email FB or tel-I have manage to... Read more

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I too have had problems and I have commented elsewhere. I have noticed there is now a group on FB - I will be joining this and see if this helps? Personally I have just been moved from PT to Davenport Laroche. It entailed a new contract although the terms and conditions (and the contract) appear the same. My payments have started again so I cant really complain but there appear to be many disgruntled customers out there. I do wonder when / If it... Read more

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